Live In Care

Live In Care.

Live in Care provides a realistic, cost effective alternative to a care home, with your own personal carer living with you in your home.

Our carers are trained to assist clients to remain as independent as possible.

Live in Care is beneficial for the individuals receiving care as they are able to remain in their familiar surroundings with high levels of supported care and companionship.

For their families it can provide comfort and peace of mind knowing their loved one has the support and companionship of a live in carer.


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Live in care can also allow couples with differing care needs to remain living together in an environment they are familiar and comfortable in, whilst one or both receive the individual care and assistance they require. It can also allow individuals to keep their pets and belongings which, with their familiarity and memories, also provide comfort and security.

Live in care allows for individual choice about; what to eat, what time to go to bed, what to watch on television, when visitors can come over as well as allowing individuals to retain their social networks.

The benefits of live in care include assistance with domestic tasks and personal care, time to engage and provide companionship, the ability to provide the assistance required and promote retention and gaining of independence though daily living tasks and the security feature of knowing another person is residing within the property.

You do have to provide a bedroom for a carer who will be living with you on a 24 hour basis. All live-in carers will need to have set breaks and if required we can send in a homecare assistant to cover those break periods.

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