Learning Disability Services

How we can help.

Here at Astor we believe that a person should be able to live independently and with dignity, regardless of their ability.

Many of our clients live with Learning Disabilities and use Astor staff to help and support them to live their lives the way they choose. Some of our clients, by using Astor staff as facilitators, have gained qualifications, training and jobs. We have a few who pay for their care themselves from their salaries and have been able to move into their own accommodation to live more independently.

Here at Astor we like to talk with our clients, their carers, family members and anyone else important to our clients. With the information we can work out the best way to help and create a support plan that fits their life choices as precisely as possible.

Astor also help them take part in a wide range of social and leisure activities, both at home and in the community. Our support workers can help clients to participate in new activities as well as doing the things they already enjoy.

We can also help clients to manage medication routines, any aspects of personal care, light house work, preparing meals or helping clients to prepare their own meals. Our services are designed to be as individual as our clients, from one hour per week to 24 hours a day.

For further information on how Astor Care and Nursing Agency can be of help to you or yours please contact us.


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