Client Case Studies

Case Studies.

Astor received an enquiry from the son of a lady who had recently been diagnosed with dementia and had been exhibiting symptoms of forgetfulness. Astor organised an assessment, followed by a care package that involved being with her for half an hour a day to assist her with her medication.

After three years of assisting with her medication her son requested Astor’s visit times to be reassessed and increased to assist her in the mornings with dressing and bathing as well as help with her evening meal. Following this she received two visits each day to assist with medication, washing, dressing and meals. She continued to have an active social life, which Astor assisted by taking her to a day centre, out on shopping trips and to various other activities.

Recently, her son asked Astor to arrange for a live-in carer. All of the previous activities are continuing to take place, the only difference being that now she has a carer on-hand most of the day and night if needed. She is beginning to develop strong relationships with her two live-in carers, who rotate every two weeks and her social life continues to be active. Her son feels secure in the knowledge that somebody is on hand whenever necessary and with the District Nurses visiting twice a week or more if required, all her care and nursing needs are being fully met.

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