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Dedicated care staff offering a real alternative to a care home

Care and support when you need it in the comfort of your own home

As much or as little help as you need to continue living independently

Why Choose Homecare

Homecare is an ideal solution for anyone who needs a little help or support during the day, evening or night to assist in doing those things you now find difficult or unable to do for yourself.

This may be due to loss of mobility, dementia, illness, injury, physical disability, mental ill health, recovering from an operation or just old age. It can also be used to provide a break for your full time or main carer.

Many people think that once we need help with our daily living then going into a care home is the only option. Homecare provides a realistic alternative, allowing you to remain living in the comfort of your own home surrounded by familiar friends, neighbours, relatives and possessions.

Quite simply, homecare is where a Health Care Assistant visits you in your own home to assist with tasks, provide companionship or personal care. Our service is tailored to meet your individual needs and range from a half hour visit once a week to full 24 hour care.

Below is an example of a care package (but please remember the needs of each individual are quite different):

  • Morning visit – Assistance getting up and out of bed, washing and dressing, preparing breakfast, prompt or assist with medication, assistance with toileting / personal care and some household tasks.
  • Lunch visit – Prepare lunch and a drink. Prompt or assist with medication, provide companionship and maybe assist with some household tasks.
  • Evening visit (7.30pm to 8.30pm) – Prepare a meal or light snack and drink, prompt or assist with medication, help getting ready for bed.

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