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Information Searched Type of Criminal Record Check
  Standard DBS Enhanced DBS Enhanced DBS (incl. barred list check)
Unspent convictions Yes Yes Yes
Spent Convictions Yes Yes Yes
Cautions, Warnings, Reprimands, Yes Yes Yes
Other Relevant police info. No Yes Yes
Childrens or Adults barred list No No Yes


Standard DBS Check. These should be obtained for the following roles:

People working in an NHS setting who have contact with patients (not a healthcare role) e.g.: maintenance workers, engineers, trade persons, catering staff, drivers, porters

People involved in the Legal Profession or Financial Services positions

People working in the Security Industry, Traffic Wardens, Veterinary surgeons


Enhanced DBS Check excluding Barred List Check. These should be obtained for the following roles:

Staff/volunteers who work with vulnerable adults once a week or more, or 4 days in any 30 day period, or overnight in the following roles:

  • Teaching or training (excl personal care)
  • providing advice or guidance

Staff/volunteers who work once a week or more, or 4 days in any 30 day period, or overnight in:

  • an adult care home or
  • an adult detention centre (e.g.: prison, remand centre)

Ancillary support roles in Further Education / NHS / Adult Social Care (e.g: cleaners, maintenance, admin).


  • e.g.: pharmacists/opticians
  • staff in GP or dental surgeries who do not provide health care

Members of peer support groups (e.g.: Alcoholics Anonymous)

Temporary contractor in school

A volunteer who:

  1. works with children, and
  2. who is supervised on a day to day, ongoing basis, and
  3. who works in a specified place or in a specified role (see regulated activity below)

Note: Unsupervised volunteers in specified place or specific role will require the Enhanced CRB incl. barred list check

Family or friends of Foster Carers who live in the foster carer’s home

People in certain positions of responsibility, such as a charity trustee or a school governor

Staff working within the Gambling Commission

Enhanced DBS Check – including barred list check. These should be obtained for the following roles:

Regulated activity in relation to children (under 18 years old)

Staff/volunteers in relation to CHILDREN; working:

  1. unsupervised and
  2. once a week or more, or 4 days in any 30 day period, or overnight and
  3. in a specific role OR in a specified place (see below):

Specific child-related Roles: supervising, caring, teaching, training, instructing, providing advice/guidance, providing therapy/treatment, transporting, providing assistance, moderating a public electronic communication service to be used mainly by children.

Specified Places: educational institution (e.g.: school, under-18 further education), nursery, children’s hospital, detention centre (e.g.: prison, remand centre), children’s home, childcare premises, children’s care home

Regulated activity in relation to ADULTS (over 18 years old)

Staff/volunteers engaged in any of the following activities with an ADULT because of their AGE, ILLNESS or DISABILITY:

  1. Provision of Health Care by a healthcare professional, including:
    1. Physical care, mental health care and palliative care
    2. Diagnostic tests and investigative procedures,
    3. Non-medical procedures such as taking blood (blood donations) and cosmetic surgery,
    4. Psychotherapy and counselling
    1. Assisting or prompting an adult with:
      – eating, drinking, washing, bathing, dressing, oral care, skin/nail care
    2. Training, instructing, or offering advice or guidance to an adult in relation to personal care
    3. Supervising someone providing personal care
  2. Providing Social Work; activities of regulated social workers, including:
    1. Assessing/reviewing the need for health or social care services
    2. Providing support
  3. Assistance with general household matters:
    1. Managing a person’s cash
    2. Paying a person’s bills
    3. Assistance with shopping
  4. Assistance in the conduct of a persons own affairs:
    1. Lasting/enduring power of attorney (not including family)
    2. Appointed adult’s deputy
    3. Independent mental health advocate
    4. Independent mental capacity advocate
    5. Providing independent advocacy services
    6. receiving payments on behalf of an adult under the Social Security Administration act
  5. Transporting / Conveying:
    1. Drivers or assistants transporting adults because of the age, illness or disability (not including family, friends)

Other activities requiring barred list check

A day to day manager or supervisor of somebody engaging in Regulated Activity with children or adults

The following Child-related roles, even if done only once (without time constraints specified above):

  • Assisting an ill or disabled child to eat or drink
  • Assisting a child that is ill, disabled or required due to age with toileting, washing, bathing or dressing
  • Health care to children: (treatment/therapy) all forms of physical / mental health healthcare incl. palliative care

People communicating with children by telephone, internet or other electronic means (once a week or more, or 4 days in any 30 day period, or overnight).

All staff on school payrolls

Foster Carers, Registered Childminders or Child–Carers

Roles that provide hosting for under 18 year olds

All taxi and private hire drivers